la sécurité des mots de passe dans opera

je ne parlerai pas ici des autres navigateurs car je ne les utilise pas du tout, mais je me suis posé la question suivante:
dans opera ou dans tout autre navigateur moderne, celui ci vous propose de sauvegarder vos mots de passe.
c’est hyper pratique et je m’en sers tout le temps.
mais seulement voila, comment ca marche, et si je me choppe un keylogger ou un backdoor? on peut recuperer mes mots de passe?

voici un petit article qui explique comment fonctionne le « wand security » d’opera:
opera user faq

What kind of encryption is used for the Wand? (OK, what I really want to know is: how secure is the encryption method?)

If you use a master password or not, all strings in the wand file are encrypted as follows:
From a password, the string to be encrypted, and a hardcoded plaintext seed, a hash is genererated, called Salt.
This Salt and the password is digested into a key
Using that key, the string is encrypted with the 3DES algorithm, and saved together with the Salt in wand.dat

The password is hardcoded if you don't use a master password, which means that it is possible to decrypt the wand.dat, however quite some Opera hacking and cryptography expertise would be necessary.

However, if you do use a master password, the used password is a combination of the master password and a 128-byte random portion created at the same time. This random portion is stored outside wand.dat, also encrypted with the master password.

So, without the master passowrd *and* the encrypted random portion, it's impossible to decrypt wand.dat with all the computing power available in the near future. All operations involved nullify all used memory areas before releasing them.

I'd like to know whether a wand.dat is transférable to another machine, either on its own or in conjunction with some .ini file or registry setting.

Without a master password, copying wand.dat alone is sufficient. Otherwise you also need opcert6.dat, where the random portion is saved.

3 Responses to la sécurité des mots de passe dans opera

  1. Pierre says:

    Il est bien mieux ce llok 😉

  2. Pierre says:

    Euh… look plutôt !

  3. rip says:

    t’es ironique ou pas pierre?

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